Outsourcing the processing and printing of your variable data, customer communications can have tremendous benefits for many companies.

Cost Savings Opportunity
Equipment Opportunity
Lower Forms Investment
Lower Forms Inventory
Lower Delivery Cost
Improved Presentation

Take full advantage with our
 Print Management Systems


Savings Statements
Mortgage Statements
Loan Statements
Year-end Tax Forms
Patient Billing
Student Statements
Grade Reports
Motor Vehicle Registration
Property Tax Bills
Water and Sewer Bills
Water Bills
Gas Bills
Oil Bills
Phone Bills
Internet Access

Let ECP Be Your Outsource Partner for your Business Processes.
Our Electronic Print & Mail Service uses the latest technology to streamline the printing and distribution of any variable data communications

Invoices and Bills of any kind

Statements and Notices

Grade Reports and Registration Forms

Through our Electronic Processing division, ECP offers a full line of statement processing and direct mail programs. Designed specifically to simplify the complicated process of printing and distribution, we take the aggravation out of mailing and allow you to focus on the business at hand. ECP offers all the resources needed for successful, hassle-free mailings-all under one roof.
Significantly reduced postage costs
Payment processing efficiencies
Enhanced graphics and statement functionality
Better allocation of internal resources
One-Source accountability
Simplify Your Accounts Receivable Even More!

Take advantage
of the latest
technology with
Electronic Bill, Payment and Presentment
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Electronic Print and Mail is taking information captured by your system as a data stream and instead of imaging that information on your printers, you capture it as customer records and outsource the print, processing and mail functions to ECP. Information can be manipulated from your present output style and enhanced in many ways (such as including graphs, charts and smart messaging) to make it more user friendly.

With our full service print capabilities, we can image your information onto custom preprinted stock or blank paper depending on your preference. Your statements, invoices or other customer documents, along with any desired inserts, are processed for mail drop within days of receipt of your file. And with our postal software, we will meter and mail at the lowest rate possible.

Your data can be transferred to a secure FTP site or sent to us on many different portable media. Your files are processed against custom programming that is developed for each application which includes print position, typefaces and the addition of postal barcodes. We then image the data on high-speed laser equipment at resolutions of up to 600 dpi. Multiple page statements are coded for data integrity and selective insert intelligence is added at this point. Once the print run is complete and audited, the documents move to state-of-the-art mail inserters for processing. Static and intelligent inserts are combined with the statements, sealed, metered and delivered to the post office.

Once the processing is complete, we can provide a CD ROM that you can use to archive the files and print duplicate bills when required. The CD is self-reading and does not require any special software. Just load the CD into any personal computer and print the document with the variable information.

Benefits of Outsourcing
Cost Savings Opportunity
Time and energies previously spent printing, bursting, inserting, stamping/metering can now be more productively spent. No longer are other critical office functions postponed while statements are being processed.
Equipment Opportunity
Less wear and tear on your laser printers. No need to lease or purchase costly mailing equipment. Free up capital resources and allocate them to other areas of need.
Lower Forms Investment
One-part forms are far less costly than datamailers or multiple-part forms. Forms need not be preprinted–we can variable-image the form on blank paper.
Lower Forms Inventory
Forms and envelopes can be ordered in smaller quantities, occupy less space, or be stored at our Imaging Center.
Lower Delivery Cost
Staying abreast of changing U.S. Postal regulations, analyzing and zip-presorting entire database. Barcoding while printing assures you receive the maximum discounted mail rates.
Improved Presentation
Laser statements are easier to handle, easier to read and can be customized. You are no longer limited by your software's print programs–your statements can even include graphics such as charts and graphs.

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